Design Thijs Ypenburg makes of South-West Tsiganea a reality

On many trips to South-West Tsiganea, the musicians of Trio Trabant have collected not only a carload of musical inspiration, but an equaly as large amount of photographs. Everything had and has their interest, the landscape of course, the villages, towns and festivals, befriended musicians, dancers and teachers. Also stores, buildings, vehicles – especially trabants – and everything edible and drinkable got their attention. And being partial for the fumes of former glory and always looking for a possible relationship with Holland. Everything they learned about South-West Tsiganea they handed over to illustrator Thijs Ypenburg, being himself just as much fascinated by the languages and cultures of Eastern Europe.

Thijs, at the request of Trio Trabant, has, with tremendous dedication, truly incorporated all the supplied ingredients of South-West Tsiganea into a detailed and dazzling map. He made choices of drawing a South-West Tsiganean globe so it can be early morning as well as dusk at the same time. In that that all the music has got a place on the map at different times of the day. And water – as in the Netherlands – is what connects everything. About the result, we can’t help but exclaim triumphantly, “See, we knew it, South-West Tsiganea exists!”.

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