Trio Trabant

Trio Trabant plays music from South-West Tsiganea, where the Trabant drove and still does drive around. The roots of our music can be found in the scales, measures and instruments of music out of the former Eastern Bloc.

Trio Trabant are Hilde Kertész, Winfried Veenker and Frank de Jong. Since 2003, influences out Hungary, Transylvania, Romania and gypsy music have merged into the music of our trio.

We would like to introduce ourselves and tell you about our projects, programs and memorable moments from our history. You will also find explanations of the instruments we play and the dances the music are being used for.

Trio Trabant are ...

Photos Harry van Kesteren

Frank de Jong

Double bass, tárogáto, clarinet, gardon, kanna, vocals, shepherd’s flute, guitar

Music from South-West Tsiganea, the CD

The pandemic gave Trio Trabant plenty of time to realize a long-held wish: the production of our first CD.

Trio Trabant and Edina Csüllög

In recent years, Trio Trabant has often and gladly made music together with Edina Csüllög.

Trio Trabant and Karpaten Ensemble

The Karpaten Ensemble consists of a group of enthusiastic dancers who are passionate about Hungarian dance culture. Together with Trio Trabant, with the Karpaten Ensemble it becomes clear that dance and music are inseparable

Establishment and early years

The discovery of South-West Tsiganea is many years behind us. Fortunately, we still have the pictures …


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